Unplug, Disconnect, Check Out

Today media is everywhere, it is a constant part of our lives.  75% of people take their smartphone to the bathroom with them.   With all this information and connectivity come great opportunities.  I am able to work from anywhere, including the fast food joint I’m currently sitting in.  I can work on collaborative projects from the comfort of my home, without leaving my family.  I can even receive instant approval or instruction from clients.

This past weekend, I took the opportunity to disconnect from everything while I was on vacation.  With wifi connections everywhere and data plans, it would have been simple to remain online.  Doing so probably would not have inhibited my ability to have fun and enjoy my vacation.  But I chose to turn off my phone, disconnect my wifi and detox.  After doing so, I cannot say enough about the benefits.  I’m in no way against the internet or the many ways in which I think it brings us together, but the benefits of leaving it, and fully engaging in my weekend were worth the break.

When I reconnected, I had a stack of email, various social media notifications, and other information to sift through, but there was nothing that couldn’t have waited.  I plan on making this a somewhat regular activity, perhaps quarterly or bimonthly in my current situation.

Are you in need of a digital detox?


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