PR- More than just communicating.

Communications specialist.  That is the term I most frequently use to describe myself.  Of course my degree is in PR and I work in social media, doing a nice little blend of PR, Marketing and Customer Service.  So rather than that mouthful, I use communication to describe it all.  That is what I do.  You see, in addition to PR background, I studied International Relations, where I also saw myself as a communicator.  Back then I wanted to be a diplomat.  I still see myself as a diplomat, but for organizations communicating with their public.

This author however, makes some valid points about the continued need to define ourselves as Public Relations experts.

In PR, we not only have to know how to communicate.  We have to know who we are communicating with, how to plan and strategize communications.  More importantly, those working in PR need the expertise to guide an organizations actions, not just the ability to explain them.

What do you think?  Is it better to be a PR or a Communications “expert?”

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