Communicators vs the IT department- Challenges of New Media

20 years ago, the internet at work was solely the realm of IT experts.  With today’s constantly connected life and the increased use of social platforms to communicate with an organization’s audience, PR and communications professionals need access and influence over technological matters.

As “social media” has evolved over the past decade, I have seen it placed under IT, Marketing and PR.  Early on, nobody seemed to know where to put it.  Luckily it has largely become part of an organizations Marketing or PR departments, if not given its own place.  Where social communications are placed does have a critical impact on their usage, but that is another subject altogether.

Even with social media’s shift to communications, in many organizations, IT still plays a large role.  This article gives suggestions on overcoming those issues.

In addition to those suggestions, it is becoming increasingly important for communicators to understand the use of new tools.  This may begin to include basic IT functions, particularly in smaller organizations.  However, the need for PR experts remains.  As technology continues to find its way into every corner of our lives, it is important that communicators have access to all of these tools.

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