Communication is a 2 way street- Don’t forget to listen.

The internet and new media have opened up limitless channels for organizations to spew forth promotional information hoping to hit a relevant public.  Talk is constantly being made of how new media is revolutionizing communications.  But how many organizations are really allowing for innovation in this regard?  A vast number of companies continue to blast their messages out onto every available channel, hoping for a few conversions.

The benefit of social media is the two-way communication channel it opens up.  Organizations need to listen and interact with their audiences through these tools, and in reality each medium they use.  Social media isn’t just a new tool, it is a change in how people communicate.  It has put power back to the customer.  After decades of companies expressing their desire to listen to consumers by outsourcing call centers, providing 1-800 numbers and generic support desk email addresses, there are now tools that give companies the opportunity to really listen and act.  After years of red tape, new media gives consumers a new avenue to pursue for help, concerns and other important feedback.

The challenge is for companies to adapt to, and embrace communication as a 2 way process.  Organizations must listen, and then act, demonstrating that they do in fact care about what their public is thinking.  As opposed to monitoring the conversation solely to report a set of statistics about engagement to justify their online presence.

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