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Google+ and SEO

With the launch of Google+ and Google’s introduction of personalized social search results, have come new challenges and opportunities for Search Engine Optimization.

Before Google+ was Google’s +1 button.  Now, fully integrated into Google+, this feature influences search results and can be used to help increase a pages rank in a Google search.

In recent months, Google has rolled out social searching, which relies heavily on Google+ to give users personalized results.  Other social networks play a role in this, but Google+ is heavily favored by Google in this process.




Distance Collaboration

Technology is revolutionizing the way we work.  Telecommuting is growing in popularity, assisted by an increasing number of distance collaboration tools.

List of Options for Tools

From Google Docs to Skype, there are plenty of tools available to help people work on anything, anywhere.

The benefits of this sort of work are easy to identify, but what are the downsides?  Sometimes face to face meetings are necessary to accomplish things.  Sole use of these tools can remove the human element if this is not taken into account.

Discussion of pros and cons

So what do you think?  Is distance collaboration beneficial for organizations?